Hannah Frank Group's LIVE EP (2014) features Meg Thomas (Percussion), Victor Sanders (Electric Guitar) and Ben E. Miller (Bass). This line-up started in 2009 when Sanders approached Hannah to collaborate, then he brought in the rhythm section of Meg Thomas and Ben E. Miller in 2012, with whom he had worked with in other projects. A Producer, Arranger and Engineer, Sanders works to creatively bring songwriters' visions to life.

Meg Thomas performs with a custom set-up in Hannah Frank Group. With a cajon for a throne, and a bonafide Native American gathering drum for a kick drum, the group respects and celebrates the honor of using instruments from various cultures to create a rhythmic tapestry. Meg presides over a set-up that is as tight as it is original and runs the Chicago Women's Drumming Group.

Ben E. Miller is a lifelong musician who effortlessly adds the rootsy groove that ties together the Hannah Frank Group sound which can range from country-Americana to folk-blues to atmospheric rock. Ben's versatility is a key attribute and he has performed with groups ranging from spoken word to blues.

Additional personnel adds flavor and fits the format of the venue, from cafes to large stages. Kevin Rush is a gypsy-jazz and rock guitarist and co-writes tunes. His arsenal of guitars and tones allow him to paint a picture within each song. Special guests have included Martin Lang (Harp, Delmark Records), Derek Henderson (drums) and Marlon Washington (Violin). While most sets are original, Hannah has also performed a set of Dylan in “Songwriters Not From the Great American Songbook” series in 2014.

Hannah's rural background gives her an appreciation of work songs, blues and American storytelling, delivered with an odd but powerful, stalwart individualism. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she is also a portrait and figure artist, photographer and graphic designer. She launched On Axis Music, a music journalism blog, in 2009 and serves the local scene with music publicity services, event promotion and live sound engineering. Running live sound and interviewing musicians utilize the same skill: listening.

Listening to the world and reflecting back its characters and stories is Hannah's unique gift. Her band layers the songs with rhythms and harmonization that make each tune a miniature movie or cinematic experience with intense visual imagery.

Check out the band's songs like “Mad Girl's Diary”, “Georgia Rain”, “Jones” and “Crawling Backwards” to find a mood to immerse yourself in.
I used to drive around the country and think I was Woody Guthrie. Later I moved to the city and thought I was Nneka. Here's some of the archives:
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A study in our own mortality and the impetus to capture ourselves and our times, The Shaman & Me is a collection of song lyrics and sketches which I am compiling with the help of layout artist Randy Cromwell.  

It includes never-before-seen lyrics and artwork that will keep you wondering, as well as lyrics from songs performed by Hannah Frank Group. 

Cover photography was completed with a strobe light, which captures ghostly images that reflect the life of the shaman, or anyone who travels to the other side and back. (Even if that other side is the side of yourself that holds your self expression).
Photo by Musician and Photographer Khori Wilson.
"As gritty as a firecracker and as easy on the ears as a comfortable pair of jeans, Hannah Frank Group radiates the styles of folk, blues, country, rock and world music with wild lyrics. Songwriter Hannah Frank is joined by various musicians on percussion, guitar, bass and more to create strong impressions of mood, groove and cinematic storytelling.

Recognized by industry folks including Journalists (Chicago Music Guide) and radio (WDCB 90.9FM American Backroads), the group has appeared on national stages including House of Blues Chicago, Mayne Stage, Subterranean, conferences and festivals.

Hannah performs solo and in customized ensembles with collaborators including Meg Thomas, Victor Sanders, Ben E. Miller as well as Kevin Rush. Special guests have included Martin Lang (Delmark Records), Derek Henderson, Marlon Washington and Dean Harris. Radio interviews on WLUW 88.7FM and WLIP 1050 AM have explored Hannah's unique songwriting journey."    
                                                                              - On Axis Music
On Axis Music is a blog I started in 2009 and it became a moniker for my music publicity services. With a team including a web designer and photographer, it has grown to offer many services to musicians and businesses. The title comes from the Jimi Hendrix song "Axis Bold as Love." My favorite thing to do through On Axis Music is interview musicians. As a writer, I have also contributed to Chicago Music Guide. 
I hold a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and draw people from life, curently studying with Richard Halstead Portrait School. I primarly focus on figurative and portrait work in charcoal and oil, but have worked in printmaking, tempera, murals and woodworking. In my non-academic doodles, I am drawn to drawing line and designs which walk the line between serious and whimsical. Photography is next. 
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To commission custom artwork or photography, contact me at hfrankgroup@gmail.com.
I am working with the poet Katriel on setting Red Petals, a riveting spoken word piece, to music. This offers special challenges as music helps tell an incredible story.

I am studying blues songs-- if that is possible, and trying my best to channel Magic Sam, Sister Rosetta and all the good stuff.

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