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Robust Online Presence 

We can strategize to build and maintain websites, blogs and social media. We help you understand pros and cons and throw you a bone on how to use online presence to connect to the opportunities you crave.

Concise Writing that Presents You Professionally

The unexpected story resonates with readers. Telling customers about your services can be flavorful, fun and fascinating. Let us help you find the words.

Eye-Catching Graphics to Grab Customers

A picture is worth a thousand words, and perhaps it can be worth a thousand followers, or a thousand customers. We aim to make graphics that achieve results and connect you to opportunities from photos, graphic design layout, custom logos and hand-drawn artwork.

Interactive Media to Bond Your Brand to Your Audience

From audio and video, to animation and multimedia press campaigns, we give your brand a creative outlet that connects. We can coordinate space, gear rental for PA and cameras, engineers, creative videographers, green screens and more.

Strategy to Capitalize on Your Marketing Investment

Customized events and press campaigns can maximize your marketing investment. Let us interview you to develop your best strategy. Read more below:

Why Marketing Services?
Let us interview you, you've got the answer!
The music industry is full of people telling you what you should do. Makes me think of the Nirvana song refrain "forever in debt ot your priceless advice." We may get more mileage if we understand what not to do.

Don't put the window dressings on the house until you have a solid foundation. Don't add frosting to the cake until you're sure you've got the right recipe.

These euphemisms are nice ways of saying "get your !#&$ together!" before knocking up and down 5th Avenue for a record deal.

I read an article by music industry pro Tom Hess recently who outlined what not to do (which I will paraphrase here, with my own interpretations, for educational purposes):

  • Don't "spray and pray"
  • Don't be overwhelmed thinking there's a lot of competition. There's actually NOT a lot of competition. Record labels and venues are actually dying to work with the few artists that "get it". By getting it, that means you see yourself and the entity you are working with as business partners with a shared goal.
  • Don't be a special snowflake, be a snow plow! One of your buggest assets is your mental stability and reliability. Businesses want to work with someone that makes them look goood, with minimum risk. This is expecially important in music where artists are encouraged to be creative. Do it with both feet on the ground and a solid head on your shoulders. Rather than being part of a menagerie on the shelf, solve someone's problems. 

Of course, we want to be your solution: helping you to develop a plan and then marketing materials to carry it out.

Our specialty is interviews. We have the ability to delve into the heart of the matter and find the pulse of who you are and what your goals are. Then, we can work together to execute them.

Why choose us? We've interviewed artists for Chicago Music Guide, Chicago Acoustic Underground and the blog On Axis Music as well as for website content for numerous organizations.

An interview is a great start for you to formulate a marketing plan, business plan or next steps. The process helps define who you are and what your goals are.

You can enjoy the fun experience of a music journalism interview. Plus (You have to get ready for all those upcoming press and radio interviews, anyways, right!?). Start here.

To schedule your interview, call 847.533.8370 or email axis.contact@gmail.com. 

It is with these definitions that you can move forward and "follow your dreams"...which is fancy lingo for defining and achieving goals. The vision is romantic, but the road to get there is pragmatic.

Once we have the pragmatic part down, then we can get creative. We're excited to work with you on executing your vision. With online media, as well as print marketing and directly with people, there are many exciting ways to present your business and connect to people that need your offerings.

We will help you create dynamite:
  • Websites, e-newsletters, social media presence
  • Business plans, press kits, fact sheets, one sheets
  • Marketing campaigns: print, online, radio and publicity
  • Posters, business cards, brochures, onlie graphics
  • Multipmedia: videos, audio, podcasts
  • Writing: press releases, blogs and social media posts
  • How to describe your business to people in person
  • Research and development

In turn, these can create:
  • Revenue streams
  • Strong brand growth
  • Longstanding, valuable presence in your field of choice.

Find out more about you and your goals today.
“The only time 
marketing services
are useful is when part of a
rock-solid plan:
one with touchstones and measured progress.”
Hannah Frank

Free Consultation:
We will interview you to learn about your goals.

To schedule your interview, call 847.533.8370 or email axis.contact@gmail.com.